3D Character Animation

3D Character Animation

Television producers specializing in kids shows often have to contend with the challenges of producing an animated program. It can be a daunting task for producers who have worked on conventionally photographed shows only, but the end results can be out of this world.

You can create fantastic or fairy tale worlds to capture the imagination of your young audience. And you can populate that world with equally incredible characters whether it is a yellow talking elephant or an ant that enjoys tap dancing.

Animated programs can be classified as 2D or 3D. This has to do with how the animation is technically produced and the end look. Toy Story is probably the best known example of a film with 3D character animation.

The Production Process

Productions with 3D character animation have many stages that producers new to animation might not be used to and it may seem complicated. The characters must be built from scratch essentially. In pre-production you work closely with concept artists who come up with a paper design for your characters. They design the body, facial features, hair and clothing. Once you are happy with the look and feel of the design, it is handed over to 3D artists who will sculpt and paint the character digitally giving it a real shape through a process called modelling and texturing. In order to prepare the character for animation, the character needs a kind of skeleton and puppet-like controls. The process of building the skeleton and fusing it to the 3D model is called skinning. Finally the character is ready for action. This is where 3D animators come in and by deploying 3d character Animation they breathe life into the model, making it jump, dance, play or anything you can imagine.

Sometimes it is not feasible for a production company to have an in-house animation department. It requires specialized staff, equipment and computer hardware. Producers often contract dedicated animation studios to help them complete their animated projects. You need a team of technically sound and talented animators who are well managed and efficient and can deliver your production, on time and on budget. A team that can produce an animation which will wow audiences both young and old.

Radical impact has a small but experienced team of 3D animators and artists who are passionate about animation. They will serve as your guides through this sometimes highly technically process. Their expertise and artistry will help you achieve your vision.

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Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Pre-visualization,
  • Character design
  • Character Modeling, rigging, skinning,
  • 3D Character animation
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