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A small passionate team of artists and designer who have the pleasure of helping various production companies and design studios in achieving their production goals with great results. What started off as a one person studio has now evolve into a vibrant group of artists, who absolutely love what they do.

Based in Milton, Ontario, just 30 km West of Toronto. We provide 3D digital graphics services to Television Production Companies and Architectural Firms. Our goal is to make your vision a 3D reality, whether it is an animated character for your children’s show, a battlefield for your documentary program, or an innovative design for a multifamily dwelling.

In the last few years, Radical Impact has generated the visual effects for an array of documentaries. We have recreated amazing air battles battles, launched satellites into space and taken a German fleet across the English channel.  Our staff, using leading 3D software packages  is always looking for the most efficient and economical solution to our client’s needs while maintaining the highest standard of quality.

For our architectural clients our 3D rendering studio provide breathtaking 3D renders and walkthroughs of their buildings. Our in-house architects ensure that our visualizations are not only technically accurate but also match the aesthetics of our client’s original drawings. We strive not only to make your visualization a success, but also to make your project and therefore company a success.
Radical Impact also assists television producers looking to create animated children’s programming. Whether you need conceptual designs, 3D animation, character rigging or other technical assistance, we can help kick start your program and see it through to completion. If you’re new to animation, our 3d Rendering Studio can guide you through this  highly technical process.

We’d love to hear about your project and discuss how we can help you in making it a reality.

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